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  • The BoxiThe Boxi
    COVID-19, all that spare time and nothing to do.  So instead of making myself comfortable at home, the TV remote in one hand, a stale beer in the other, I decided ...
  • The treeThe tree
    Triptych The photographic version of the children’s game peek-a-boo, what’s behind the tree? Image Gallery
  • The family journeyThe family journey
    Triptych This reminds me of those family train journeys as a child, the excitement, always racing ahead, waiting for the others to catch up, as though the train would only still ...
  • The old boyThe old boy
    Triptych One winter’s day in 2019 I was standing on the corner of MehringdammIGneisenaustrasse in Berlin waiting for something interesting to happen, when this old boy unexpectedly came up to me ...
  • The crossingThe crossing
    On a bridge, as pedestrians cross from North to South, or is it from South to North, but whatever it is, it’s symbolic of communication, union, of change.

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