Pecha Kucha: Berlin

Pecha Kucha: Berlin
Pecha Kucha: Berlin

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What is it?

One way of describing it is, that a Pecha Kucha is a very basic narrated PowerPoint presentation, 20 slides, each 20 seconds in length.


Because it was the latest assignment for the MA in Photography that I’m now doing, and it took such a long time to complete that it seems a waste not to do something with it, so here it is.


From the lecturer:

I would like you to plan a walk through your town, city or local area, perhaps linking creative hubs or places of interest. You should spend time considering your route and planning your journey carefully. Your walk should give an insight into who you are as a creative individual, highlighting some of your key interests. It should also be an exploration of your professional environments and your local creative businesses. 

Path to the Tiergarten
Path to the Tiergarten

My Walk

I chose one of my favourite locations in Berlin, the Tiergarten, a huge wooded park right in the center of Berlin.

The background images are from the walk itself and the circular images my thoughts about the walk, the city, and my key interests, particularly in regard to creativity.

It wasn’t easy to cram it all into 400 seconds and still make it coherent, and of everything the narration itself was the most problematic and caused me more stress than everything else put together.

The remnants of a childhood stutter mean that it took me over 12 hours to record just 6 minutes of narration, and even then it was full of mistakes, so I’ve replaced it with a version by Fiona, my Mac’s Scottish English voice.

And she makes it sound all the better for it.

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Image Gallery: Foregrounds

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