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Most flea markets are full of old postcards depicting given locations from a different age, everyone loves them, and so I bought some and have spent time researching them and setting my camera up in exactly the same spot as the original photographer and taken a modern version of it, and then combined the two in a slider.

This is no mean feat in Berlin, as much of the city was destroyed in WWII and much of what appears old, is in fact a faithful modern reconstruction, one that has usually been rebuild, but at a slightly different location.

Getting many of them to look just right has at times exhausted both my camera and PhotoShop post production skills, but it’s been a very rewarding exercise.

  • Frobenstraße BridgeFrobenstraße Bridge
    A steel bridge carrying the U-Bahn-Linie U2 on its way between Bülowstraße and Nollendorfplatz in Schöneberg, Berlin. Although the location appears to have changed drastically since the photo was first taken ...
  • Lietzensee ParkLietzensee Park
    An old legend, apparently still recounted by the locals, tells of how the Lietzensee gets its name, for in times long past a village called Lietzow was situated near where ...
  • Gendarmenmarkt 1951Gendarmenmarkt 1951
    This beautiful square, one of the finest in Northern Europe has a chequered past, not least the fact that it was almost totally destroyed during WWII. The authorities in the DDR ...
  • Goethe-Schule-WilmersdorfGoethe-Schule-Wilmersdorf
    A beautiful turn of the century building typical for the Wilmersdorf district of Berlin, the now Katharina-Heinroth-Grundschule (elementary school), was once home to the Goethe-Schule. Designed by the architect Otto Herrnring in ...
  • Berlin CathedralBerlin Cathedral
    The Postcard from c. 1910 shows what appears to be a colourised photograph of the areas as it was at the turn of the last century, before it was almost ...

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