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This is where I put all my longer single projects, where I’ve take more trouble with the text, and the photography is more illustrative in nature.

  • Fotomarathon, Berlin 2016Fotomarathon, Berlin 2016
    Another throw-back project. This time from 2016, the Fotomarathon – theme: Nervous Systems. This is the original blog-post I wrote after just having won it . . .  Nervous Systems Can our inner thoughts ...
  • Urban Photo Race, Berlin 2017Urban Photo Race, Berlin 2017
    Twelve hours . . . . Six themes . . . . . . . .Eighteen photos . . . . . . . . . . . . Four checkpoints 2017  A throwback project, ...
  • Micro Location: GraffitiMicro Location: Graffiti
    Anglicisms Flipper – Pinball machine Oldtimer – Classic car Handy – Mobile phone The German language is full of pseudo-Anglicisms and the expression “lost place” is another of them. On first hearing the term it’s ...
  • The Crack In The PavementThe Crack In The Pavement
    Mundane However innocuous and mundane things may at first appear, There’s nothing in this world that isn’t interesting, absolutely everything has a story to tell, even the humble crack in the ...
  • Satan’s PileSatan's Pile
    A palace of graffiti This must be Berlin’s most famous “lost” place. The name itself conjures up visions of otherworldly experiences, of a resident evil eliminating the joy of existence, and the site’s ...

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