This blog is the result of the COVID-19 lockdown, it was conceived, designed, programmed and the first 46 posts were online, all within just 3 short months.

First 46 Posts

  • Heroes, some remembered, most forgottenHeroes, some remembered, most forgotten
    Every country celebrates itself, usually in the form of monuments and statues celebrating important events and figures from its past, and war heroes usually loom large in these collections of ...
  • Waldmeister ist RetroWaldmeister ist Retro
    Rocktreff 2019 im Volkspark Mariendorf – Samstag, 15. Juni 2019 For a two-man rock band Waldmeister ist Retro is remarkably versatile, they have a fantastic raw sound, and visually they are the real ...
  • Altstadt Spandau U-Bahn stationAltstadt Spandau U-Bahn station
    Red and white: architect Rainer G. Rümmler was responsible for the distinctive design and look of most of the U-Bahn stations in Berlin built or refurbished between 1970 and 1996, ...
  • The treeThe tree
    Triptych The photographic version of the children’s game peek-a-boo, what’s behind the tree? Image Gallery
  • The family journeyThe family journey
    Triptych This reminds me of those family train journeys as a child, the excitement, always racing ahead, waiting for the others to catch up, as though the train would only still ...
  • The old boyThe old boy
    Triptych One winter’s day in 2019 I was standing on the corner of MehringdammIGneisenaustrasse in Berlin waiting for something interesting to happen, when this old boy unexpectedly came up to me ...
  • YouTube: Bahnhof ZooYouTube: Bahnhof Zoo
    Click on image to watch Or watch here: Exploring street photography locations in Berlin, this is a wander around the Bahnhof Zoo area of Berlin, seeing what the location has to ...
  • The crossingThe crossing
    On a bridge, as pedestrians cross from North to South, or is it from South to North, but whatever it is, it’s symbolic of communication, union, of change.
  • EndstationEndstation
    Endstation Warschauer Straße, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, the end of the journey for some, the beginning of one for others.
  • The street cornerThe street corner
    A hot summer’s day in Kreuzberg, gathering, tired, waiting to cross the street.

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