Lietzensee Park

An old legend, apparently still recounted by the locals, tells of how the Lietzensee gets its name, for in times long past a village called Lietzow was situated near where the scythe shaped lake stands, and one day, for some unknown reason, it sank down to the depths of the lake, never to be seen again, and that fishermen thereafter always told of how their nets would catch on the old church spire.

And even today the area is reputedly haunted.

Is it true?

Who knows?

But one thing is certain, that it’s a very picturesque park designed by Erwin Barth in the early 20th century.

The park is divided into north and south halves by the Kaiserdamm, but joined together by a pedestrian tunnel underneath.

A walk around this park is very relaxing experience, due to the scenic lake, various sculptures and the listed gardens.

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