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What’s this blog all about?

I don’t really know, I originally started it as a vehicle for my photography, and it just developed from there, I just do whatever interests me.

I’m no big fan of the trend for increasing the colour saturation on everything and then declaring it to be high-art, I prefer a desaturated, beached-bypass look, and I often also take no care to take a clean image, I’m quite happy with a grainy look.

I usually post once a week if possible.

I would like to thank J.F., without whose encouragement this website would in all likelihood be only half as interesting.


The posts listed here are the latest to be uploaded in the various categories and projects I’ve been working on of late.

  • Lietzensee ParkLietzensee Park
    An old legend, apparently still recounted by the locals, tells of how the Lietzensee gets its name, for in times long past a village called Lietzow was situated near where ...
  • Winter Trees in the TiergartenWinter Trees in the Tiergarten
    The Tiergarten This is one of my favourite places in Berlin, translated literally it means “The Animal Garden”, but it’s one of those confusing compound German words that actually just means ...
  • 02: The Painting02: The Painting
    Enter the flat and the first thing you see is a painting. Once upon a life ago I led a completely different existence to the one I do now, I had ...
  • Pecha Kucha: BerlinPecha Kucha: Berlin
    Click on image to watch Or watch here: https://youtu.be/fWfJG2MFvL4 What is it? One way of describing it is, that a Pecha Kucha is a very basic narrated PowerPoint presentation, 20 slides, each 20 ...
  • 12: Shadow Play12: Shadow Play
    Introduction The stage is empty, having run out of fresh material the headline act has finally left, with the audience gone, peace reigns at last. But what’s this? A troupe of wandering urban ...
  • Fotomarathon, Berlin 2016Fotomarathon, Berlin 2016
    Another throw-back project. This time from 2016, the Fotomarathon – theme: Nervous Systems. This is the original blog-post I wrote after just having won it . . .  Nervous Systems Can our inner thoughts ...


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