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This is where I started out, I caught the bug for street photography a few years ago, and although I still do enjoy it, it does at times feel a little intrusive, and here in Germany it’s also becoming very difficult, because of the legal requirement to have the written permission of everyone in an image before the shutter has even been pressed.

This is almost certainly the reason why much of German Street photography has degenerated into just showing old people taken from behind as they struggle home with their shopping on a Saturday afternoon, or under exposed images, whereby almost everything is cast into artificial shadow.


  • The BoxiThe Boxi
    COVID-19, all that spare time and nothing to do.  So instead of making myself comfortable at home, the TV remote in one hand, a stale beer in the other, I decided ...
  • The treeThe tree
    Triptych The photographic version of the children’s game peek-a-boo, what’s behind the tree? Image Gallery
  • The family journeyThe family journey
    Triptych This reminds me of those family train journeys as a child, the excitement, always racing ahead, waiting for the others to catch up, as though the train would only still ...
  • The old boyThe old boy
    Triptych One winter’s day in 2019 I was standing on the corner of MehringdammIGneisenaustrasse in Berlin waiting for something interesting to happen, when this old boy unexpectedly came up to me ...
  • The crossingThe crossing
    On a bridge, as pedestrians cross from North to South, or is it from South to North, but whatever it is, it’s symbolic of communication, union, of change.

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