Stadtpark Schöneberg

Postcard view of the Stadtpark Schöneberg from c.1920View of the Stadtpark Schöneberg from 2020

A view of the Carl-Zuckermayer-Brücke in the Rudolph-Wilde-Park in Schöneberg, Berlin.

The bridge is a protected building and houses the U-Bahnhof Rathaus Schöneberg, which itself can be seen in the background.

It was in front of this district town-hall that John F.Kennedy made his famous speech, “ich bin ein Berliner”, and although he was proclaiming himself to be a citizen of Berlin, united against a cold-war foe, it was maybe an unfortunate turn of phrase as a “Berliner” is also what the locals call a sticky jam doughnut.

Geographically, the park is situated within the remains of a tributary arm of an ice-age melt-water channel, the remaining features of which are a chain of lakes heading off to the Grunewald, of which this is just one.

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