Waldmeister ist Retro

Rocktreff 2019 im Volkspark Mariendorf – Samstag, 15. Juni 2019

For a two-man rock band Waldmeister ist Retro is remarkably versatile, they have a fantastic raw sound, and visually they are the real deal, and as their name alludes to, this is retro rock at its best.

Waldmeister ist Retro
Waldmeister ist Retro

My only criticism is that they seem to have specialised in writing German texted material, and although I rarely actually listen to lyrics, even when they are sung in English, it slightly spoilt my enjoyment.

I listen to lyrics as though they were just another instrument, I really don’t care what anyone is singing about, but to my British ears, brought up on a diet of 50 years of the finest modern music,  German just isn’t a natural language for rock music, it’s too structured, it isn’t flexible enough, and otherwise good melodies are often compromised as strings of ill sounding verbs have to be squeezed in at the end of each line of text, for the lyrics to make any sense.

Tom Görlitz: Singer/Guitar, Paul Hupfer: Drums
Tom Görlitz: Singer/Guitar, Paul Hupfer: Drums

But they are a local band, for a local audience, and I doubt whether they have their sights set on an international career anyway.

My musical snobbery notwithstanding, they are a fantastic band to see live, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them at this small local festival, which I hope these images convey.




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