A series of posts concerning one of the most dysfunctional families in Europe, my own.

I have recently been the recipient of another series of abusive messages from a close family member, this time a nephew on Facebook, who then blocked me.

After years of putting up with this and similar behaviour from my family, I have finally had enough of all the dishonesty and constant gaslighting, sometimes going back to my childhood, and so I have decided to set the record straight about certain things.

I am very aware that this will be extraordinarily embarrassing for certain family members, especially as I have written proof of most of it, but maybe they should have thought about that earlier, because whereas they have burnt and destroyed any record of my existence, pretending that I don’t exist, I saved what I had, because despite everything, it was still precious to me, all those letters, emails, videos, photos and other documents … and what a fascinating story it reveals.


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