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The posts listed here are the latest to be uploaded in the various categories and projects I’ve been working on of late.

  • Jewish MemorialJewish Memorial
    PLACES The Jewish Memorial in central Berlin, can there be a more somber reminder that 6+ Million Jews were murdered during WW II? In an area of 19,000 square meters the architect, ...
  • Berlin CathedralBerlin Cathedral
    The Postcard from c. 1910 shows what appears to be a colourised photograph of the areas as it was at the turn of the last century, before it was almost ...
  • 02: The Painting02: The Painting
    Enter the flat and the first thing you see is a painting. Once upon a life ago I led a completely different existence to the one I do now, I had ...
  • Pecha Kucha: BerlinPecha Kucha: Berlin
    Click on image to watch Or watch here: https://youtu.be/fWfJG2MFvL4 What is it? One way of describing it is, that a Pecha Kucha is a very basic narrated PowerPoint presentation, 20 slides, each 20 ...
  • 12: Shadow Play12: Shadow Play
    Introduction The stage is empty, having run out of fresh material the headline act has finally left, with the audience gone, peace reigns at last. But what’s this? A troupe of wandering urban ...
  • Fotomarathon, Berlin 2016Fotomarathon, Berlin 2016
    Another throw-back project. This time from 2016, the Fotomarathon – theme: Nervous Systems. This is the original blog-post I wrote after just having won it . . .  Nervous Systems Can our inner thoughts ...


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– Welcome

Welcome to blog.chromographix.com.

COVID-19 and everyone was complaining about the lockdown, hours spent in front of the TV, the remote in one hand, a beer in the other, watching one dreadful boxset after another.

What a waste of time.

Instead, I saw the opportunity to do something useful with this inconvenience, to be creative, and this blog is the result.

First started in early May 2020, I had the design, the website programming finished and the first 46 posts online just 3 months later.

And very pleased I am with it too.

The COVID-19 lockdown? 

I’ve had a fantastic time !!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to comment on anything that interests you.

© Andrew James Kirkwood – 2020