01 – Background to the project

The project would use Homer’s Odyssey as a framework on which to hang an episodic journey through Berlin, much in the same way that James Joyce used the epic poem as the framework on which to hang his novel “Ulysses”, set in Dublin.There would be an emphases on the “Hero”, as yet still to be developed.

It would be presented primarily as an online exhibition, a complete website, individual images could be collected in a book.

The episodic adventure would be in the form of separate 360° photo-spheres, each at specific locations, as per Google Street View.

These photo-spheres would be photoshopped in such a way as to incorporate other images in the form of a virtual gallery or installation, which the viewer could then investigate by navigating around the photo-sphere.

The galleries and/or installations would be many images depicting and combined in such a way as to enhance the story.

The photo-spheres would be linked together to form a journey.

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