05 – Experiment with YouTube


After discovering that Google has removed the VR capabilities from the IOS iPhone versions of its Apps, I looked around for alternatives, and stumbled upon a solution on YouTube, ironically also a company owned by Google.
And it actually looks to be the better solution, because its great reach.

And this version is doctored with Affinity and contains a video.

Photo-Sphere: Paul Löbe Building

I have photoShopped various images into a photo-sphere including a secondary video – in the YouTube version – to see in how far the technique would be suitable in creating a realistic VR gallery.

YouTube Smartphone App

This Photo-Sphere can opened on a regular smartphone for a full-screen VR effect, and using an inexpensive VR-headset such as Google-Cardboard, for an even better immersive experience.


VR Headset

Google Cardboard VR headset

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